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Astral Adhesive Resiwood PVC Bond is the new generation adhesive for the bonding the substrate like PVC sheet, where the regular white adhesive or rubber adhesive does not work well.

It is the best glue for pasting PVC edge banding to any wooden surface like MDF or Plywood, It needs to be applied on only one surface for pasting edge banding PVC tapes and on both surface for pasting on PVC laminated sheets.

Astral Adhesive Resiwood PVC Bond

Astral Adhesive Resiwood PVC Bond Application-

  • PVC sheet rolls to plywood
  • PVC edge banding
  • Ply board to charcoal sheet

Advantages of Astral Adhesive Resiwood PVC Bond-

  • Excellent compatibility with PVC & Acrylic to provide best fixing solution
  • Sufficient strength with long & durable bonding with PVC edge banding.
  • Excellent spread ability and high coverage to save cost.
  • Excellent heat resistance for heat prone applications

How to Use

  • Surface to be bonded should be dry clean and free from oil or grease.
  • First, apply glue uniformly on backside of PVC laminate sheet and then apply the glue on the plywood /MDF, Particleboard and spread it uniformly.
  • For PVC Edge Banding Tape, apply glue only on plywood / MDF/Particle board and spread the glue uniformly on the edge with the help of spreader/ knife of spatula
  • Open time 10-15 minute under standard operating condition.
  • Before the adhesive film dries up bring the PVC sheet or edge banding tape in contact to glue coated plywood /MDF surface & make the proper alignment.
  • Apply hand pressure on the laminated surface using a wet squeezed cloth to remove any air entrap and avoid the bubble. Excess glue oozing out gets removed softly and carefully using the cloth or cotton.
  • Press the edge bend joint for 2-5 minutes under the manual hand pressure. Use the masking tape to hold the joint firmly.
  • Leave the laminated sheet in ambient condition to set .the handling strength is to obtained within 4-6 hr, however full strength will be developed after 24 hr @ room temp.

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