Black Cobra WPC Door Frames- 3×2, 4×2.5, 5×2.5 Sizes



Black Cobra WPC

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Black Cobra WPC Door Frames or Black Cobra WPC Coukhat are made by mechanized manufacturing process, which offers uniform thickness without undulation, warping or bending and a smooth surface for laminations. It offers dimensional accuracy and stability in varying humidity and has a high screw holding capacity, high shock and buckling resistance.

100 % Termite and Borer Proof, Moisture-Proof, Fire retardant and most importantly an Eco-Friendly product.
Black Cobra Wudpla Door Frames ensure superb quality, down and through the production line.

Black Cobra WPC Door Frame

Black Cobra WPC Door Frame

Black Cobra WPC Door Frames  Density & Specifications-

Specifications available of Black Cobra WPC Door Frames
Size in mm Density Color Type Pattern
75mm x 50 mm 1.00 and more Brown Solid Plain
100mm x 65 mm 1.00 and more Brown Solid Plain
125mm x 65 mm 1.00 and more Brown Solid Plain
150mm x 65 mm 1.00 and more Brown Solid Plain
Available Length: 7 & 10 Feet and Customize

The Cobra WPC Door Frames, or Black Cobra WPC Couchat, are a high-quality, durable alternative to traditional wooden door frames. These frames are made using a sophisticated manufacturing process, resulting in a uniform thickness with no warping or bending.

The smooth surface of the WPC frames makes them ideal for laminations, and they offer dimensional accuracy even in changing humidity conditions. Additionally, the frames have a high screw holding capacity and offer resistance to shock and buckling.

Black Cobra WPC Door Frames

Black Cobra WPC Door Frames

For Black Cobra WPC Door Frames price please contact us. We are the Black Cobra WPC Door Frame Dealers in Bhubaneswar.

This WPC material is made from a blend of wood fibers and thermoplastics, making it resistant to extreme weather, moisture, and termites. Its low maintenance requirements make it a popular choice for door frame applications in a variety of settings, from homes to commercial buildings. With its strength and stability, the Cobra WPC Door Frame provides a long-lasting solution for your door frame needs.


Features of Black Cobra WPC Door Frame Black Cobra Door Frame is Suitable For
Minimum contraction and expansion Cutting
Easy to mould, screw or grout Sawing
Various finishes can be done Shearing
Quicker installation Punching
Water Proof & Moisture Proof Drilling
Termite Proof & Pest Proof Nailing
Paintable & Washable Milling
Solid & Light Weight Riveting
Weather & Ageing Resistant Screwing
No Shrinking & Swelling Painting
Bacteria & Fungus Resistant Polishing
Fire Retardant Embossing
Timeless Warranty Engraving
Maintenance Free
100% Recyclable
Environment Friendly