Emboni Ply 710 Architect Plywood



Emboni Ply

Emboni Ply is a Premium Grade 710 Plywood which is Architect Grade. Emboni Ply is Architect Ply manufactured using STRP Technology.
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Emboni Ply 710 Architect Plywood is an affordable grade plywood manufactured using STRP Technology. Emboni Plywood is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company Product.

Emboni Ply 710 Architect Plywood

The product is perfect for a wide range of construction and DIY projects. The plywood is made from the finest materials, ensuring durability and strength in every sheet.

The ply is perfect for use in cabinetry, flooring, wall paneling, furniture making, and more. Its ability to hold nails and screws make it a great option for construction projects like house framing, roofing and subflooring.

Emboni Ply 710 Architect Plywood

  1. 100% Red Core
  2. BWP Grade
  3. Made with STRP Technology
  4. Bend & Wrap Proof
  5. Termite & Borer Proof
  6. Thicker Face Veneer for Durability
  7. Decay Resistant Pressure Treatment for lower maintenance & performance.

Emboni Ply 710 Architect Plywood