Feviseal GP Pro Silicone Sealant- 280ml




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Feviseal GP Pro Silicone Sealant- 280ml is an acetoxy cure, high modulus and single component silicone sealant. When properly cured, it becomes a permanently elastic compound. It has excellent adhesion to glass, ceramics and sanitary ware etc. Feviseal GP Pro is a Product of Pidilite (Makers of Fevicol).

Feviseal GP Pro Silicone Sealant- 280ml

Feviseal GP Pro Silicone Sealant- 280ml


Characteristics & Advantages of Feviseal GP Pro (pidilite.com)

  • Ready to use – No mixing is required, directly applicable through cartridge. Solvents free – No solvent hence eco-friendly.
  • Sagging – It is completely non-sagging in nature.
  • Flexibility – Tough & flexible after curing so performs well during expansion & contraction.
  • Curing – Cures by moisture absorption from air at ambient temperature & relative humidity. Service temperature – From – 60 to +180oC.
  • Plastic deformation – Up to 95% recovery after plastic deformation. UV resistant – Good UV resistance & insulation properties.
  • Self priming – No primer is required when sealing joints in glass, ceramics and vitreous surfaces

Areas of Application

  • Ideal for sealing glass and aluminium & non-oily wood.
  • Sealing of aluminium/glass window frame joints, fixing glass into aluminium frames in lieu of rubber beading.

Method of Application of Feviseal GP Pro Silicone Sealant

  1. SURFACE PREPARATION -The surface should be made clean, dry and degreased before applying Feviseal Acetoxy sealant.
  2. MASKING TAPE– Fix the masking tape on both sides of joint leaving exact gap for filling. This will make joint look good and uniform.
  3. APPLICATIONIt is supplied in ready to use plastic cartridges. Cut nozzle at an angle to desired bead size. Cut the tip of cartridge and fix the nozzle. Load the cartridge into the sealant gun.
  4. FINISHING – Fill the joint with Feviseal acetoxy Sealant. Immediately after filling the joint, the sealant should be tooled either with pallet knife or similar tool of required size. Tooling is essential to remove air bubbles if any and to fill up all voids by the compacting action. This results in proper adhesion to the sides of the joint. It also gives better aesthetic surface. Remove masking tape once the sealant is in touch dry condition
  5. CLEANING After sealing the joint the tools and equipment should be cleaned immediately with kerosene or any other cleaning solvents
  6. CURING– Allow sealant to cure for 7 days minimum at above 50% RH

Packing 280 ml & 240 ml plastic cartridge with separate nozzle.

Coverage– One 240 ml; cartridges Will cover 5 mm width x 5 mm depth joint = 9.6 linear metre 10 mm width x 10 mm depth joint = 2.4 linear metre

Shelf Life & Storage – Shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacturing. The material should be stored in cool and dry place.

Health & Safety Precautions – Some people are sensitive to solvents, resins and hardeners so it is advisable to use hand gloves and goggles. Avoid application on damp and moist substrates and at temperature below 5°C