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Merino Hanex Solid Surface have undergone vigorous chemical and stain resistance testing as per ASTM-D & NEMA standards. NSF51 certified, these solid surfaces are perfect for food preparation areas and can be used in many applications where sanitation is of utmost importance, such as kitchen countertops, hospitals, playrooms, schools and many more. These solid surfaces can be fabricated and installed in almost any application without conspicuous seams, making Merino – Hanex Solid Surfaces truly ‘solid’ in surfacing materials.

Merino Hanex Solid Surface

Crafted from a unique blend of acrylic resins and natural materials, the sheets can be cut, shaped and formed into a boundless range of designs. The biggest advantage of it is that, unlike other surfacing materials, these can be repaired and restored to their original condition. These solid surfaces can be fabricated and installed in both residential and commercial applications with inconspicuous seams giving your interiors unmatched durability and design flexibility. We are one of the two companies to have successfully developed the DBCU (Double Belt Casting Unit) process to produce superior products.

ADVANTAGES of Merino Hanex Solid Surface

  • Easy to fabricate: These solid surfaces can be fabricated into any shape and can be joined without visible seaming line.
  • Durability: Excellent in both colour and durability, these solid surfaces are the best choice as finishing materials for interiors. These are stronger than natural stone and maintain their shapes and beauty in any condition. Stability: These solid surfaces are thermally stable. These surfaces are heat resistant, hot water resistant, chemical resistant, stain resistant, UV stable and can stand all weather changes on interior applications.
  • Easy to maintain and repair: These solid surfaces are water resistant, which makes them easy to maintain and a perfect fit for damp areas such as bathrooms and kitchens
  • Refined design and unlimited possibilities of application: These solid surfaces offer style that is comparable to natural stone or marble and can be used in any indoor application. With a wide range of colours and patterns, they provide elegance and aesthetic interiors.