Action Tesa MDF Board



Action Tesa MDF Board is wood fibre-based panels. The unique feature of MDF is that it has a homogeneous construction without layers. MDF an acronym for Medium Density Fibre Boards. All TESA Fibre boards are being manufactured with Hardwood so automatically the density of our product become better than other products available in the market. Our Boards are having best routing characteristics due to special German Technology used to press the boards in a way so that compression pressure can reach to its core also thus making densified core which is required for high-quality routing. Action Tesa MDF Board is produced in E0, E1 & E2 Grade.

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1. Shoe Heel & lasts
2. Laminate Flooring Substrate
3. Embossed Panels for Wall Cladding
4. Kitchen Shutters
5. Can be used indoor manufacturing
6. Decorative Display Panels
7. Railway Cushion Base
8. Automotive Internal panels

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