Action Tesa Wooden Flooring- AC3 12mm



Action Tesa Wooden Flooring are floating flue less click locked flooring just like a Jigsaw Puzzle. In this way, all the planks are locking with each other by clicking technology and it ben attached to the subfloor.

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Size– 193MM x 1214 MM

Variants– AC3 Wooden Laminated Flooring

Thickness– 12mm

Action Tesa Wooden Flooring

These floorings are generally based on HDF Materials with Tongue & Groove Interlocking Flooring System that rests on the existing floor like concrete or tile floor.

Laminated Floorings are easy to install and have very low maintenance, resistance to staining and the surface is very durable.

Action Tesa Wooden Flooring Warranty

10 Years Warranty on AC3 Grade Flooring
20 Years Warranty on AC4 Grade Flooring
25 Years Warranty on AC5 Grade Flooring

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