Airolam HPL Sheets Airo Xterior- 6mm

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Airolam HPL Sheets are High-Pressure Laminates which are highly durable and weather-resistant external wall covering panels. It is an engineered exterior facade panel, suitable for installation at multiple locations and structures. Airolam HPL Sheets is fire-proof, water-resistant, high resistant and comes with no maintenance requirement.

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Size– 8ft * 4ft & 8ft * 12ft

Variants– Wooden Plain Finish, Wooden Texture Finish

Thickness– 6mm


Airolam HPL Sheets- 6mm

These panels are made of multiple layers of UV Protection Film, Decorative Paper & Kraft paper. The layers of paper are superimposed, impregnated with thermosetting resins and permanently bonded together by simultaneously applying heat and pressure.

These materials are a zero maintenance product, which does not require servicing. Even after cutting do not require any post-processing.

The installation of Airo Xterior without rear ventilation is nor appropriate and we do not recommend it. There are three different ways by which HPLC can be installed in walls. One is using rivets, screws & a wooden structure, second is the adhesive system and the third one is using the aluminium Z-clip fixing.

This is an environmentally sustainable product. It is a green building material as it saves energy and its production does not leave a huge carbon print. Green building materials are especially best suited for regions that experience extreme temperature changes during a year.

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