Barefoot Waterproof Flooring 12mm



Barefoot Waterproof Flooring 12mm is a Premium Grade Laminated Wooden Flooring that provides a Royal look to your Floor.

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Grade- AC5

Thickness- 8mm

Size- 1210mm x 170mm x 8mm

Properties of Barefoot Waterproof Flooring 12mm

Surface Glossiness: Average 15°C
• White thread on edges: Not visible
• Colour mismatching: No visible mismatch
• Density: D average=880 kg/m3
• Formaldehyde release: 0.9mg/L
• Static bending strength: 38MPa
• Internal bonding strength: 1.1MPa
• Surface adhesion bonding strength: 1.1MPa
• Dimensional stability: 0.3mm
• Openings between elements: 0.01mm
• Height difference: 0.03mm
• Surface soundness: 1.4N/mm2
• Abrasion resistance: 2500 Rounds
• Humidity at dispatch: 6%
• Thickness swelling: Average=13%
• This board is only for HDF Brown only

Barefoot Wooden Flooring

The unique scratch resistance surface and the Aluminium Oxide coating protect the floor from scratches and maintain the lustre of the floor, three times longer that any laminated floor.

25 years of warranty against any manufacturing defect.

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