Barefoot Wooden Flooring- Engineered Wood 12mm Flooring



Barefoot Wooden Flooring- Engineered Wood is a Premium Grade Laminated Wooden Flooring that provides a Royal look to your Floor.

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Length: Random
Width: 125mm
Thickness: 12mm

Properties of Barefoot Wooden Flooring- Classic Flooring

Surface Coating
• UV anti-scratch
• Silk Matt UV Lacquer
• Wear and Fire Resistant
• Free of wax maintenance
• Re-vanishing
• E1 Environmental Protection Standard
• Perfect T&G on side and ends
• No joint gaps and height tolerance
• Firm, durable, not easily deformed
• Natural to client approval color
• Anti-erosion, anti-wear
• 12 year at least warranty
• Heavy, good durability, perfect fit


Sizes: 15x189x300-1860(mm)
Timber Layer thickness: 4mm
Quality: Grade AB (Flooring)

Barefoot Wooden Flooring


• Leveling, cleaning
• Can be heated up to 20°C
• Relative humidity (subfloor): ≤12%
• Not used as the subfloor
• Irregularities on the subfloor with a sander
• Nails and screws can be driven-in
• Remove baseboards and doorsills
• Vacuum the subfloor regularly
• A vapour barrier will help keep the humidity


• Bending Strength 1470 Kg/cm2
• Crushing Strength 132 Kg/cm2
• Max.Crushing Strength 408 Kg/cm2
• Static Bending(FSPL) 837 Kg/cm2
• Stiffness 170 1000 Kg/cm2
• Work to Maximum Load 1 cm- Kg/cm3
• Hardness 1300 kg
• Shearing Strength 170 Kg/cm2
• Toughness 265
• Specific Gravity 0.91
• Weight 1000 Kg/cm3
• Density (Air-Dry) 913 Kg/cm3
• Radial Shrinkage 4.5 %
• Tangential Shrinkage 8.5 %
• Volumetric Shrinkage 12.7 %


The unique scratch resistance surface and the Aluminium Oxide coating protect the floor from scratches and maintain the luster of the floor, three times longer that any engineered wood floor.

25 years of warranty against any manufacturing defect.

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