Barefoot Wooden Flooring- Solid Wood Flooring



Barefoot Wooden Flooring- Solid Wood Flooring is a Premium Grade Laminated Wooden Flooring that provides a Royal look to your Floor. White Oak is full of light tones that give a crisp, clean feel. It has long been a versatile standard in homes across the U.S. because of its universally complementary combination of deep greyish-brown heartwood and pale white tones. White Oak is also known for its durability, strength, and resistance to wear, serving as planking for boats and even mine timbers. This elegant wood’s amazing decorative flexibility makes it an outstanding floor for all settings and occasions. White Oak comes in a variety of colours and stains to suit any decor.

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Length: Random
Width: 125mm
Thickness: 18mm

Properties of Barefoot Wooden Flooring- Solid Wood Flooring

• Janka Hardness: 1,360 pounds
• Strength (MOR): 15,200 psi
• Stiffness (MOE): 1,780 1000 psi
• Density (KG/m3): 900
• Color: Light to dark brown
• It is unaffected by light exposure
• Tangential Shrinkage: 5.2 %
• Radial Shrinkage: 3.5 %
• Family: Fagaceae
• Height: It can reach a height of 125 feet
• Area: Throughout the United States.
• Texture: Coarse
• Grain: Straight grained
• Luster: Low lustre
• Durability: Rated as very resistant
• Movement: Moderate

Rated as easy to work, glueing and holding fasteners exceptionally well. It can split when nailed unless predrilled. It is rated as finishing well.

Barefoot Wooden Flooring


Ships, railroad crossties, timber bridges, tannin dyes, fuelwood, hardwood dimensions and flooring, furniture, veneer, plywood, barrels, kegs, casks, truck and trailer beds, mining timbers, containers, pallets, caskets, boxes, panelling, flooring.

The unique scratch resistance surface and the Aluminium Oxide coating protect the floor from scratches and maintain the lustre of the floor, three times longer than any engineered wood floor.

25 years of warranty against any manufacturing defect.

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