Black Cobra WPC Board



Black Cobra WPC Board or Black Cobra PVC Foam Board is used extensively in both indoor and outdoor applications. Its chemical composition is Poly Vinyl Chloride. It is used in advertising, building and furniture industries. PVC foam board is made of lightweight, foamed PVC, which is lightweight, moisture and corrosion-resistant. It is resistant to chemicals and has low water absorption.

Black Cobra WPC Board

The surface of the foam board can be easily engraved, milled, embossed, painted, printed and laminated according to the requirements. Also, they do not decay with time and their colours do not fade for a long time.

Black Cobra WPC Board is used in Household, Modular Kitchen, Furniture Industry, Automotive Industry, Shuttering Industry, Wall panelling, Partition panels.

Black Cobra WPC Board

black cobra wpc board

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