Black Cobra WPC Door Frames



Black Cobra WPC Door Frames or Black Cobra WPC Coukhat are made by mechanized manufacturing process, which offers uniform thickness without undulation, warping or bending and a smooth surface for laminations. It offers dimensional accuracy and stability in varying humidity and has a high screw holding capacity, high shock and buckling resistance.

100 % Termite and Borer Proof, Moisture-Proof, Fire retardant and most importantly an Eco-Friedly product.
Black Cobra Wudpla Door Frames ensure superb quality, down and through the production line.

Specifications available of Black Cobra WPC Door Frames
Size in mmDensityColorTypePattern
75mm x 50 mm1.00 and moreBrownSolidPlain
100mm x 65 mm1.00 and moreBrownSolidPlain
125mm x 65 mm1.00 and moreBrownSolidPlain
150mm x 65 mm1.00 and moreBrownSolidPlain
Available Length: 7 & 10 Feet and Customize

Black Cobra WPC Door Frames


Wood Door Frame

WPC Door Frame

Water Proof & Moisture Proofico 01ico 02
Termite Proof & Pest Proofico 01ico 02
Weather & Ageing Resistantico 01ico 02
Paintableico 02ico 02
No Shrinking & Swellingico 01ico 02
Bacteria & Fungus Resistantico 01ico 02
Fire Retardantico 01ico 02
Maintenance Freeico 01ico 02
Washableico 01ico 02
Quicker installationico 01ico 02
Sawing & Cuttingico 02ico 02
Smooth SurfaceLess smootherMuch more smoother
Gluing & Laminationico 02ico 02
Boiling Water ProofFor lesser timeFor longer time
Environment Friendlyico 01ico 02
FeaturesSuitable For
Minimum contraction and expansionCutting
Easy to mould, screw or groutSawing
Various finishes can be doneShearing
Quicker installationPunching
Water Proof & Moisture ProofDrilling
Termite Proof & Pest ProofNailing
Paintable & WashableMilling
Solid & Light WeightRiveting
Weather & Ageing ResistantScrewing
No Shrinking & SwellingPainting
Bacteria & Fungus ResistantPolishing
Fire RetardantEmbossing
Timeless WarrantyEngraving
Maintenance Free
100% Recyclable
Environment Friendly

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