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Bosch Gas hobs present a wide range of designs from stainless steel gas hob with brushed steel finish to elegant glass gas hob with the unbreakable 8mm glass top.

The Stainless Steel heat shields placed on our hobs as a raised platform prevents spillage from stagnating ensures longevity and helps you clean them in a single wipe.

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Features of Bosch Gas Hobs-

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Bosch hob comes with sturdy pan support which prevents wobbling and provides stability to heavy cooking vessels like a pressure cooker or kadhai suited for Indian kitchen requirements.

Bosch Hobs are designed with easy to use control knobs to give you complete and precise control over the flame especially suited for Indian food preparations.

Bosch gas hobs are available in 2 variants – stainless steel gas hob and glass gas hob. We have burners which range from 3 to 5 burners thereby meeting every family’s needs.

Safe and seamless. Watch our renowned chefs stir away from the magic of their recipes on Bosch hobs; that is specially perfected for Indian cooking.

Induction hobs can heat food and boil water nearly twice as fast as gas and three times faster than ceramic hobs. And as they’re also more energy-efficient, you’ll save money as well as time.

Bosch hobs have been engineered with Indian cooking habits in mind. They are equipped with triple-flame burners for even distribution of heat, strong pan support and with flame failure device for safety.

A hob that comes with easy-to-remove pan support makes the cleaning of liquids and food much easier. Our hobs are fitted with rubber gaskets around the switches to ensure there’s no water seepage while cleaning.

Safety is not an option while cooking with gas. Ensure that your gas hob is engineered with the latest safety functions, such as the Flame Failure Device which cuts off the gas supply in case the flame accidentally extinguishes.

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