Bosch Inclined Hood Chimney Hood



Bosch Inclined Hood Chimney Hood are Box-design hood, performance and matching kitchen design bundled in one hood.

Bosch chimneys are designed to offer you extensive coverage, and the 350W high power motor provides maximum suction for your kitchen.

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Features of Bosch Inclined Hood Chimney Hood-

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High-quality material, elegant craftsmanship and the finesse give our chimneys, a modern & minimalistic look.

Bosch chimneys offer a wide range of designs to suit every type of kitchen. Ranging from 60 cm to 120 cm and from elegant glass designs to sturdy steel make.

Adapting to your lifestyle, Bosch offers three kinds of maintenance-friendly filters – Rim ventilation, three layered baffle filters, Multi-layer cassette filters.

Bosch chimneys are here to give some more power at lesser noise levels to the chefs, giving them the perfect assistance while they cook.

Bosch chimneys are available in recirculation and ducting mode. A re-circulation chimney is ideal for large kitchens whereas smaller kitchens should opt for a duct-based chimney.

Bosch chimneys come in a wide range of designs such as the pyramid, slim pyramid, box, slim box and straight, all available in 60-90 cms in stainless steel as well as in an elegant glass.

Bosch chimneys are fine-tuned to generate 800m3/h and 1000m3/h of power at low noise levels. Even at its highest power level, low noise performance ensures comfortable cooking. Designed to suit long cooking sessions and heavy frying, our chimneys offer different motor powers suited for Indian kitchens of all sizes.

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