Delica Charcoal Panels – 8*2 , 8*4


Delica Charcoal Panels are a new type of Products which can be used as Highlighter as an Alternative to Laminates. The Designs are unique and various Emboss Layers & Color coating layers are used to make it more attractive. These are ready to use Products for residential & commercial projects.

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Regular 8*2

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Regular 8*4

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Premium 8*2

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Premium 8*4

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Latest Designs

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Thickness- 5mm – 6mm of the Sheets.

If you want to add some uniqueness to your Home or Office Interior then Charcoal Panel is the Best Solution for it.

Charcoal Panels can be used in Doors, TV Unit, Wardrobes, Partitions, Walls, Bed Heads, Ceiling Panels etc.

These Panels are Waterproof, Fire Retardant & Termite proof. So you can use where there is Seepage or Leakage issue.