E3 Masking Tapes

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E3 Masking Tape is a general-purpose paper tape used for a wide range of Industrial Application like masking, splicing, labelling, bundling, packaging etc. The product conforms to almost all surfaces and has excellent adhesion and tensile strength. For best result always ensure a clean and dry surface before applying tape and check the suitability of the tape for the intended application.

E3 Masking Tapes

E3 Masking Tape

E3 Masking tapes are essential for painting, woodworking and other applications. Easy to remove, without leaving any type of adhesive or residue even from delicate surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

These Masking Tapes are adhesive creped paper tape coated on one side with a rubber-based adhesive. The adhesive is formulated so that it leaves no marks after removing the tape.

E3 Masking Tapes 2

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