Fevicol Hiper Adhesive

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Buy Fevicol Hiper Adhesive – 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 50kg Packs available.

The bubble has always been trouble in Woodworking especially in vertical laminations or large sheet lamination. The dream design can get shattered if bubble forms on the laminate and plywood.

Fevicol Hiper powered with Anti-Bubble formula provides instant grab and uniform glue transfer leading to a strong contact between plywood & laminate. Hence there is a very little chance of air entrapment and contact gap which significantly reduces the probability of bubble formation. It also offers superior tack development, faster grab and reduced setting time.

Fevicol Hiper Adhesive

Features and Benefits of Fevicol Hiper Adhesive-

  • Anti-bubble waterproof adhesive; reduces the possibility of bubble formation
  • Faster tack development resulting in a superior grab
  • Faster setting time: 2 hrs.

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