Floor Protection Sheet for Construction



Floor Protection Sheet for Construction is a high-performance composite of high-strength cross-laminated film and cushioning foam for floor protection. It is an engineered solution with a composite 3 layer structure.

Layer 1 is an abrasion-resistant, high-strength film to ensure long product life. Layer 2 is of high-density polyethene foam for cushioning purpose and layer 3 is a reinforced non-dusting and non-staining film for better grip on tiles. Due to its enhanced properties, the floor protector is offered as a better alternative product to conventional products like paper, POP, cloth, etc. It provides cushioned universal floor protection for wood, ceramic and vinyl floors during construction.


  • Anti-slip properties provide a safe work environment
  • Hassle-free compared to POP, rosin paper, plastic runners or drop cloths
  • Does not absorbs paint, oil, grease and cleaning agents
  • Flexible – can be cut to fit in any space and works well on either side – vacuum or sweep clean and reusable
  • Polymer-based and flexible yet tough
  • Environment friendly
  • Does not promote the growth of bacteria & fungi
  • Inert – No effect of chemicals

Supreme Floor Protection Sheet


  • Keep job site floors safe from damage and debris, it is reusable, reversible surface protection for the professional builder and craftsman
  • Protects concrete, marble, granite and other counter surfaces
  • Provides cushioned universal floor protection for wood, ceramic, and vinyl floors during construction
  • Protects hardwood, ceramic tile, linoleum and carpet floors from damage during construction or remodelling
  • Protects sinks and tubs during building or remodelling
  • Protects walkways and decks during home repair

Technical Specifications and dimensions

Laying Procedure for Floor Protection Sheet for Construction

  • Clean the floor surface of any dust particles or grease,
  • Wet mop the floor, then, lay Decore Floor Protector on the floor,
  • Seal the butt joint with a 50 mm BOPP tape (Double sided tape can be used if required).
  • Terminate Decore Floor Protector over the skirting with adhesive tape.

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