Green Ndure PVC Doors Rokoko- Sap Wood



Green Ndure PVC Doors Rokoko are 30mm Thick Stylish Single Panel Door have Elegant Design & eco friendly. The product is Termite & Borer Proof, and maintenance-free. Rococo Doors are Waterproof & Weatherproof, it has strengthed with polymeric reinforcement to avoid weathering. It doesn’t fade and rot. Matching Frame Available.

Green Ndure PVC Doors Rokoko

Sizes (Only Shutter)-

  • 1.98 Mtr * 0.69 Mtr
  • 1.98 Mtr * 0.76 Mtr
  • 2.06 Mtr * 0.69 Mtr
  • 2.06 Mtr * 0.76 Mtr


  • Cross Sectional Dimensions- 40mm * 48mm
  • Standard Length- 16.5 Ft

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