GreenWood WPC Door Frames



GreenWood WPC Door Frames are highly demandable products for its waterproof, distortion resistant feature and have great adaptability to outdoor conditions. It is surely an advance product in the history of Door frames. With alluring design and impeccable finish, it is the most appreciated product in this door frame category and has been the best choice of homeowners, builders. By establishing a good relationship with the client we deliver all the products at their doorstep in a very timely manner and strive to meet their emergency needs.

GreenWood WPC Door Frames

Specifications available of GreenWood WPC Door Frames
Size in mm Density Color Type Pattern
75mm x 65 mm 0.8 and more Brown Solid Plain
100mm x 65 mm 0.8 and more Brown Solid Plain
Available Length: 3 / 4 / 7 Feet and Customize



Wood Door Frame

WPC Door Frame

Water Proof & Moisture Proof ico 01 ico 02
Termite Proof & Pest Proof ico 01 ico 02
Weather & Ageing Resistant ico 01 ico 02
Paintable ico 02 ico 02
No Shrinking & Swelling ico 01 ico 02
Bacteria & Fungus Resistant ico 01 ico 02
Fire Retardant ico 01 ico 02
Maintenance Free ico 01 ico 02
Washable ico 01 ico 02
Quicker installation ico 01 ico 02
Sawing & Cutting ico 02 ico 02
Smooth Surface Less smoother Much more smoother
Gluing & Lamination ico 02 ico 02
Boiling Water Proof For lesser time For longer time
Environment Friendly ico 01 ico 02
Features Suitable For
Minimum contraction and expansion Cutting
Easy to mould, screw or grout Sawing
Various finishes can be done Shearing
Quicker installation Punching
Water Proof & Moisture Proof Drilling
Termite Proof & Pest Proof Nailing
Paintable & Washable Milling
Solid & Light Weight Riveting
Weather & Ageing Resistant Screwing
No Shrinking & Swelling Painting
Bacteria & Fungus Resistant Polishing
Fire Retardant Embossing
Timeless Warranty Engraving
Maintenance Free
100% Recyclable
Environment Friendly

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