Hettich Cutlery Kitchen Basket



Hettich Cutlery Kitchen Basket –

Technical Details-

  • Hettich Cargo cutlery basket with width 536 mm, depth 500 mm and height 94mm
  • A convenient way of storing cutlery
  • For carcass external width 500 mm, 550 mm, 600 mm
  • Available depth 500 mm only
  • Front panel precise adjustment with fascia parts
  • Compatible with 500 mm KA telescopic only (Order runner and clamps separately – not a part of the product package)
  • Wire Basket Finish- Chrome Plated

Here is the sample picture of it-

Hettich Cutlery Kitchen Basket


CargoTech M The new range of wire baskets are manufactured at Vadodara Plant which has international standards of stringent quality controls. Each process is devised to produce a world-class quality product. Automatic plating plant is used to provide excellent plating finish; hence we achieve such quality that makes us the only company who provides 10-year replacement warranty against rusting.

Hettich Kitchen Basket offers a variety of Stainless Steel Kitchen Baskets and Kitchenware Products for your Kitchen. The products are easy to use and operate. Various Sizes are available which will be suitable for your Kitchen. Thee are long-lasting durable products.

hettich cutlery kitchen basket

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