Mini Handsfree Sanitizer Dispenser

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Mini Handsfree Sanitizer Dispenser is used at the Office & Buildings Entrances in order to Sanitize & disinfect the germs & Bacteria from a person’s hand. Liquid Instant Sanitizer is used in order to make this operation. We have used Leg Operated system in order to operate. There will be a single pedal, in the end, once pressed it will dispense sanitizer from the top. It can be used at Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Buildings, Factories etc. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), the coronavirus gets transmitted from one person from another, we are taking lots of measures in order to prevent the transfer from person to another.

Mini Handsfree Sanitizer Dispenser

Handsfree Sanitizer Dispenser

The standard size of this product-

  • Height- 3.3ft
  • Width- 1.2ft
  • Depth- 1.2ft
  • Weight- 3kg

The Setup is available in two variants-

  • SS 304 Grade
  • SS 202 Grade
  • MS Grade

Custom Size and Design can be designed as we are developing this from scratch. We will provide all the materials like The Frame, Tank, Wash Basin, All Pipe fittings, Internal Wiring. We can also provide Installation Service at the selected location. You can contact us for more details.

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