Sylvan Elasto Flexi Plywood

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Sylvan Elasto Flexi Plywood is a product which is preferred for its tremendous flexibility as well as highly durable quality. Manufactured from the finest quality imported hardwood, this is a dream product for every designer. This ply is apt for the designers who love to experiment with new ideas, as this product can be easily moulded as per different designs and turn every imagination into reality. While bearing the warranty against borer and termite attacks, tenderised composed core and unique glue line protection formula results in a robust and long-lasting product.

End Users :

  • Curved designs
  • Round tables
  • Experimental new designs

Sylvan Elasto Flexi Ply

Uniqueness :

  • Selected imported hardwood
  • Tenderised composed core
  • Unique glue line protection formula
  • Warranted against borer and termite attacks

Sylvan Elasto Flexi Plywood

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