Sylvan Flush Doors- IS:2202



Sylvan Flush Doors are a premium product from high class imported seasoned wood and selected core veneers. Bonded with phenol-formaldehyde resin. Stringent quality control measures at each stage of the manufacturing processes ensure high durability, dimensional stability & high impact resistant.

Sylvan Flush Doors

The dooors are made from Imported Wood, its 100% machine made precise doors. The door is warranted against borer & termite attacks ad have sound insulation properties. It has high impact resistance and high dimensional stability strength.

Uniqueness of Sylvan Door:

  • Selected species as per BIS specification.
  • Mechanized manufacturing process.
  • High density and high fibrous Pinewood.
  • 100 % chemical treated & seasoned as per BIS specification.
  • High dimensional stability strength.
  • No warping and bending.
  • Smooth surface.
  • High shock and buckling resistance.
  • Zero deflection in flexure and edge loading.
  • Warranted against borer and termites attacks.

Technical Specifications

Thickness Tolerance

The dimension of nominal width & height within a limited of ± 5 mm and thickness ± 1 mm.

Moisture Content

10 % – 15 %.

Water Resistance

72 hrs. Of boiling.

Adhesion of plies

EXCELENT. ( After water resistance test)

Water absorption

< 1 %.

Preservative Treatment

BORIC ACID solution as per BIS specification.

Density of Door

0.75gm/cm3 to 0.85 gm/cm3

Screw Holding Strength

always above 1000 N.


All test done as per BIS specification to confirm IS – 2202 (Pt. 1 )

sylvan flush door

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