Tajpuri Shuttering Plywood



Tajpuri Shuttering Plywood is compact and toughened quality structural plywood. It has a long life in any application because it is 100% resistant to water and wood harming organism. It is manufactured through a unique ‘Heating – Cooling cycle’ process. Its exceptional properties for key applications are enriched through strict quality control checks to match all kinds of high end uses. It does not deform with time. Its protective properties resist attack from termite, fungus, rot & other destructive elements.

Tajpuri Shuttering Plywood
It is being used widely in the construction of bridges, Flyovers, Metro track projects, ship building, water tanks, cooling towers, all high end buildings etc. that need maximum strength and security.

Sizes: 2440 X 1220 MM

Tajpuri Shuttering Plywood

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